The tool which I use for all the examples in this blog is the Enterprise Architect tool from Sparx Systems.

That’s because

  • it’s fully UML compliant – sometimes painfully so – and does all the UML languages like BPMN and SysML
  • It also does non-UML stuff like Archimate
  • it’s cheap – something like between 5% and 20% of the cost of equivalent tools from other people and therefore…
  • …most people seem to have used it at some point but also…
  • …I know my way around it.

Enterprise Architect Logo 400

I’m going to refer to it as ‘EA’, partly because it’s fewer characters to type, but mostly because it annoys the Sparx marketing department. And if I’m ever talking about the idea of Enterprise Architecture, I’ll say so.

Other modelling tools are also available.

Ian Mitchell is a business analyst and software developer. He's been using UML since before it was UML, and has managed teams of BAs all over the place. He also teaches UML and BPMN, and writes the eaDocX document generator for the Sparx EA tool.

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