ArchiMate 3: What do the license changes mean?

This may seem like a really involved and arcane legal argument, but the author makes some really important points about the nature of ‘open’ standards, as they apply to Archimate.
And he does it in a clear, concise and witty style, which makes it well worth a read. And you’ll learn LOADS about the legalities of intellectual property, and what DELAWARE means. Highly recommended for anyone thinking of basing their business around Archimate products or services.

Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture

With the release of ArchiMate 3, The Open Group has changed the text of the license as well as their explanation. What has changed, and what does it mean? (Note, as this is not about modelling with ArchiMate but about ‘what is an open standard and how does ArchiMate stack up?’, this has not been published on the Mastering ArchiMate blog).

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