[This is one of a series of example entries which you might create on your own intranet site, in order to help your users use EA better. This page will be called by the built-in help of some Model Expert example reference models.]

{This is one of the built-in checks which Model Expert performs on your models}

This error means that you have put an element into a part of the model which is managed by Model Expert, but that kind of element doesn’t belong in that part of the model.

The EA tool will let you put any kind of element (User Story, Requirement, Process, Stakeholder, Component…) in any part of a model. This is one of it’s great strengths, It’s also a weakness, as it can make models chaotic. It also makes it hard for other people to find things, and when they do, to make sense of their context.

You can do this by using Model Expert to make an EA Package ‘Managed’, that is, managed by Model Expert, and managed packages have a ‘Reference Model’ which says what they can contain. (link to MX help when written)

So Model Expert allows you to restrict what kinds of element can put put into which locations, to give you model a simpler structure, and make it more re-usable.