[This is one of a series of example entries which you might create on your own intranet site, in order to help your users use EA better. This page will be called by the built-in help of some Model Expert example reference models.]

{This is one of the built-in checks which Model Expert performs on your models}

Just as Model expert can help to manage the types of connector in your model, it can also make sure you create connectors in the right directions.

This isn’t always critical, but sometimes the direction of a relationship cna change its meaning in important ways.

For example, suppose we are modelling two processes.

If we say ‘Process A —> used by —> User B’, this is different from saying  ‘User B —> used by —> Process  A’.  What does the second one even mean? So the direction of the arrow makes a difference.

A Model expert Reference Model lets to specify which direction a connection should go between different element types. So in the example above, the reference model would say that Processes can be linked to Users using a ‘used by’ connector, with the connector going FROM the User TO the process.

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